Alert! Did you rent from Bob Sniekers or Direct Capital?

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10 juni 2020

We regularly receive complaints about a relatively small housing agent: Bob Sniekers and his companies Direct Capital and Safe Capital (Nederlandstalige versie van dit artikel hier). We hear about people not having their deposit refunded, for no reason. We did manage to help quite a few tenants to reclaim their money. There might be more people around that could use our help.

Apart from deposit discussions we have seen unlawful contract- and agency fees, (very) high rent and cash payments without receipt. Not everyone gets a written contract and we see some improper treatment of tenants. Google reviews about Direct Capital and Safe Capital are either very positive (from who?) or very negative. There seems to be no middle way..

Those who (did) rent from Bob Sniekers and recognise this picture are advised to contact us. We offer free support, including court cases if necessary and possible.

Would you like our free advise or support? Send your story and details to and we will contact you to discuss what we can do.
Do you know people that (did) rent from this person or these agencies? Please inform them.

Deposit and how to get it back

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