Housing in Amsterdam

There are rules and regulations protecting tenants’ rights in the Netherlands. Many tenants, especially expats, aren’t sufficiently aware of this. The !WOON tenant support agency (funded by the Amsterdam municipality) provides information, advice and support for tenants and owner-occupants. Confidentially and free of charge. By giving internationals more insight into the Dutch rental market and their rights and obligations as tenants we hope to contribute to their stay in Amsterdam. !WOON has offices all over the city with regular walk-ins (no appointment necessary). We also have a special department for extreme situations involving intimidation etc, called the Meldpunt.






English publications and more information


Non-commercial room agencies for students

ASVA Studentenunie kamerbureau

The 3 housing corporations which let studentflats in Amsterdam used to work together in the organization “studentenwoningweb”. Now they have started another site. You can find information and a registrationform on Studentenwoningweb and on ROOM.