Housing scam exposed – and scammer arrested

23 augustus 2019

Looking for a house in Amsterdam? Be aware of scams. This ‘housing agent’ with the name ‘AMS Makelaardij’ was recently arrested. He advertised on Facebook under different names. He invited victims to view the apartment and this smooth talker did a lot to gain their trust. Good looking advertisements, professional viewing plus official looking contracts and invoices. After signing the rental agreements and paying for deposit, agency fee and rent the new tenant did not get the key. Instead they received the message that the bank did not agree. The agent said he would return the payments or find another apartment, wich did not happen. This story is told and shown by one of the victims in the short video below, including the arrest of the scammer.

Have you been scammed? Contact our Meldpunt Ongewenst Verhuurgedrag, we might be able to help you getting your money back. And press charges at the police station. More English information in our article How to avoid housing scams.

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