Tenants and regulations in the Corona crisis

03 april 2020

The government Minister and landlords’ organisations have agreed on some solutions for tenants facing financial difficulties due to the corona crisis. The government expects landlords to honour this agreement. If there are signs of landlords still proceeding with evictions, stricter legislation might follow. Please contact !WOON if your landlord refuses to cooperate.

  • Although tenants are still obliged to pay their rent, landlord organisations have agreed to work with their tenants on individual solutions. They will temporarily not be charging collection fees, late fees etc.
  • Evictions will be postponed during the corona crisis, except in urgent situations involving extreme antisocial behaviour or criminal activities.
  • The government will draft emergency legislation so fixed term rental contracts can be extended for another fixed term.

Tenants leaving for their home countries do not automatically get out of their rental contracts. Tenants with fixed term contracts can give notice (one month, including one full payment term). Tenants with indefinite contracts can also give one month’s notice, unless their contract includes a legally binding minimum term which has not yet passed. In that case they remain legally responsible for the full rent during the entire minimum term. If their contract contains a so-called “diplomat clause” to get out earlier, this might apply. These tenants should contact their landlord and try to negotiate a settlement.

Questions? Concact !WOON at 020-5230130 (Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5.30 PM)  or use our Contact Form.

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